Welcome to the OpenIllusionist documentation Wiki. Please select a section from the following lists:


Instructions on how to get OpenIllusionist up and running.

Programming with OpenIllusionist

Documentation for the library and instructions on how to develop an OpenIllusionist application.

  • Introduction
  • Writing an OpenIllusionist Application
  • Agent Programming
  • The Illusionist Engine
  • Messaging
  • The Module System

Behind the Scenes

How things work inside the library (only useful if you are looking at making changes to the core code).

  • Threading
  • Image Processing
  • Calibration of a Video Augmented Environment
  • Messaging

Gardening News and Furniture Insights

You can learn a lot more about our involvment with garden furniture here:

Example Illusions

How to set up and use the example applications.

Commercial Applications

Exhibits developed using OpenIllusionist.




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