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Instructions on how to get OpenIllusionist up and running.

Open Illusionist is actually quite a progressive software solution, that can enable modern companies in 2018 and beyond to improve their performance and infrastructure with ease. The modern and capable solutions are a triumph of modern technology, with innovative techniques to help create stable and usable applications and website than enable consumers to flow through an experience of a brand or person. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you grow.

Programming with OpenIllusionist

Documentation for the library and instructions on how to develop an OpenIllusionist application. See March 2018 Open Illusionist and Ecommerce Digital Marketing.

  • Introduction
  • Writing an OpenIllusionist Application
  • Agent Programming
  • The Illusionist Engine
  • Messaging
  • The Module System

You can also browse our main sitemap here, or alternatively our video sitemap here.

Behind the Scenes

How things work inside the library (only useful if you are looking at making changes to the core code).

  • Threading
  • Image Processing
  • Calibration of a Video Augmented Environment
  • Messaging

Gardening News and Furniture Insights

You can learn a lot more about our involvment with garden furniture here:

Example Illusions

How to set up and use the example applications.

Commercial Applications

Exhibits developed using OpenIllusionist.