How has garden furniture changed over the course of 2017?

Has garden furniture changed

Since we did our garden furniture update in 2016, we wanted to see if the industry has changed at all over the last few years.

Obviously we didn’t want to rely on the traditional way to study or analyse an online market, such as the usual gardening tests and sites etc, so we went down the anecdotal route, and really decided upon which furniture set, garden furniture shop, and delivery company were worth their salt, and deserved a bit of FREE pr in the form of this article.

So without further ado, lets get into the multiple ways in which we’ve looked at the gardening industry over the last few years.

Garden Furniture 2017 – It’s all about weatherproof furniture

Simply put, people are getting more lazy, with the introduction of drive throughs, catch up tv, and mobile phones, people are used to having things next day, next hour, instantly. This means that they resent spending time on things they consider do not matter, which includes having to maintain their garden furniture, such as with a wooden set.

So in 2017 we are seeing a huge trend towards all weather garden furniture, which is clearly the best option for those who want to set and forget their sets, allowing you to leave it in your garden all year round, without even needing to cover it. That’s a no brainer in our book, so we recommend everyone to choose all weather, and the following providers are our favourite:


Winawood Furniture – A New Material with an old style

It has recently come to our attention that the Sandwick style of Winawood benches is becoming very popular in the United Kingdom, with gardeners across the world wondering at it’s wood like appearance, but the fact it requires no maintenance. Winawood 2 seater benches and Winawood 3 seater benches are available from a select few online shopping websites and garden centres.