Compiling the Library

Compiling the OpenIllusionist Library

The OpenIllusionist is built into a single library file which can then be linked into any applications you wish to develop. The following section describes how to build the library and where to find the appropriate files.

Directory Tree

The directory structure inside the OpenIllusionist source folder “{OpenIllusionist}” is described as follows:

  • illusionist – Contains the majority of the core source code and the project files.
    • fiducial – Fiducial code useful for calibration and marker finding.
    • include – Location of extra includes such as for the framegrabber.
    • lib – Location of libraries necessary for linking extra dlls such as the framegrabber.
    • modules – Source code for OpenIllusionist image processing modules.
  • include – Include files for use when accessing the OpenIllusionist library.
  • lib – This is where the built libraries will be placed.


  • Open the solution file: “{OpenIllusionist}illusionistIllusionist.sln” .
  • Build debug and release versions of the library.
  • If errors occur then please report them in the “Compilation Issues” section of the forum.

If compilation was successful then the libraries will now be located in “{OpenIllusionist}lib” ready for use.