To Do List

To Do List

  1. Documentation
    • Code comments (doxygen)
    • Wiki blurb
  2. Update all classes to descend from oiObject (class hierarchy in wxStringArray?)
  3. Create the oiIllusionistCore in which the Render, Capture and ModuleController are not instantiated by default
  4. Descend oiIllusionistEngine from the core, enabling the renderer, capture and modules for backwards compatibility with current applications
  5. Design new oiNetworkEngine class
    • Network communication capabilities
    • Each engine can have a single master and 0..n slaves
    • Top level engine has no master
    • Eventually design an oiMultiMasterEngine descended from the oiNetworkEngine

oiNetworkEngine allows multiple engines to handle different agents that co-exist in the same virtual world space.

oiMultiMasterEngine allows multiple engines to cover overlapping or tiled virtual world spaces.

Overview UML diagram

Proposed Layout